At IDEALFOOD we always work hand in hand with the companies, but if you prefer to be more self sufficient, we have work spaces that are continuously available through our rental service for technological companies and from time to time we also offer the use of various versatile training, meeting and conference rooms to run courses, hold seminars or organise other events in different locations throughout Andalusia.

Similarly, we offer you the chance to use our experimental plots and pilot plants to carry out R&D&I projects, tests and trials with the collaboration and advice of our specialist researchers, if you so desire.

We can offer:

  • 24 hectares for fruit and vegetable experimentation
  • Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) with tanks from 100 to 1200 litres for the development of aquaculture crops
  • Farms for field studies
  • Pilot plants with agroindustrial equipment, robotics and computer vision
  • Experimental kitchens and tasting rooms to carry out sensory analysis