IDEALFOOD is a new framework where by the Andalusian Agro-food Technology Centers can pool their resources and capabilities, thus creating smart specialization and forming the most important technological partnership serving the Agro-food companies.

IDEALFOOD is made up of over 55 professionals specialized in the most important areas of knowledge for agribusiness. They are capable of turning an idea into a project quickly and efficiently, supported by our infrastructure and scientific-technical network.

Our facilities are located in the main areas for food production in Andalusia, making it possible to bring science and business ever closer, offering solutions that can be applied to real life business.

We join resources and capabilities, generating a smart specialization and building the most important technology alliance.


IDEALFOOD en Transfiere 2014

IDEALFOOD participa con éxito en Transfiere, III Foro Europeo para la Ciencia, tecnología e Innovación

IDEALFOOD compite en Europa

Idealfood apuesta claramente por la internacionalización a través de la ejecución de proyectos de investigación, desarrollo e innovación a nivel europeo

IDEALFOOD en Marruecos

Idealfood pone un pie en territorio Marroquí a través de la propuesta de proyecto de cooperación internacional "MediteAgro"