IDEALFOOD relies on an extensive team of researchers who are specialists in the most important technologies within the agrifood sector and as such they carry out studies in the following related areas:

  • Technology watch is a rigorous and continuous process of gathering information from around the world and from within an organisation itself regarding science and technology. This is then filtered, analysed and circulated in order to turn it into knowledge with which lower risk decisions can be made and changes can be anticipated.

  • The term ‘state of the art’ refers to the highest level of development of a particular device, technique or scientific area at an given moment. It also refers to the level of development (for a device, process, procedure, technique or science) reached at a specific point in time as a result of common methods being employed.
  • Competitive intelligence is the process by which information is searched for, analysed and compared, being relevant to competing organisations or potential competitors in a way that the company can discover strengths, weaknesses, threats as well as opportunities and can subsequently take strategic decisions in order to improve their market positioning.
  • Market research is a necessary tool for the exercise of marketing, analysing changes in the business environment and studying new consumer behaviour. The diagnostics contain highly credible and trustworthy information regarding the characteristics of a market that can help us create a strategic business plan, prepare a product launch or facilitate the development of already launched products depending on their lifecycle.

From the moment we start working until the results are delivered to you, we guarantee absolute discretion and confidentiality regarding all the information.