At IDEALFOOD we provide support to entrepreneurs involved in growing, aquaculture and farming by designing, building and equipping their facilities. Given the ever increasing complexity of the investment necessary for efficient and competitive production, we adapt the most innovative technologies to the specific needs of each company.

The engineers at IDEALFOOD walk hand in hand with the entrepreneur starting with the feasibility study and accompanying them right through to the starting up of operations.

Production technology design

  • Increase in safety
  • Implementation of calculus methods
  • Study of materials and construction processes in agro-industrial buildings

Modernisation and automation of processes

  • Comprehensive development of parts and products up to the pre-industrial stage
  • Automation and robotics in machinery and agro-industrial processes
  • Establishing work conditions

Design and mechanical calculations

  • Design and CAD modelling
  • Resistance calculation by means of finite elements
  • Prototyping
  • Trials, analysis and approval
  • Trials testing resistance of metallic materials

Automation, robotics and artificial visión

  • Design, simulation and optimisation in production processes
  • Studies and projects in robotics and control
  • Mechatronics and automation of agro-industrial processes
  • Development of applications for artificial vision
  • Trials and validation of equipment and devices based on robotics technology

Optimisation of agro-industrial structures

  • Application of current regulations
  • Design and calculation of greenhouses for different geographical areas and climatic conditions
  • Adaptation of structures and automation systems to optimise agricultural production
  • Development of structural simulation models
  • Integration technology