The Mediterranean product is one of excellent quality and still relatively unknown in foreign markets. IDEALFOOD is dedicated towards supporting agrifood companies in their quest to break into new markets, by providing strategies that may help to increase their turnover and possibly gain economies of scale, as well as contributing towards improving company image and diversifying risks.

Our foreign trade department is structured on the basis of the following four concepts:


  • Image design and promotional quality
  • Development of exportable product and sales model
  • Adaptation of product to the specific needs of the market
  • Certification and compliance with legal requirements and food safety
  • Participation in bidding for tenders abroad
  • Guidance regarding intellectual property
  • Guidance regarding adaptation of facilities


  • Coordination of course of action to be taken for foreign trade promotion and information on the different aspects of foreign commerce and community policies
  • Custom designed training and fostering the culture of foreign trade
  • Organisation of outbound and inbound trade missions
  • Establishing new ways to market and sales platforms
  • Attending trade fairs
  • Fostering agreements with other countries in order to facilitate the presence of agrifood companies abroad


  • Information regarding services and programmes supporting foreign trade
  • Analysis of the competitive situation and the prospective exporter from the agrifood sector
  • Information regarding the lists of authorised establishments
  • Information regarding business opportunities and emerging markets
  • Searching for niche markets for agrifood technology
  • Carrying out market studies regarding emerging markets
  • Encouraging activities co-financed through EU funding
  • Searching for other financial instruments that facilitate foreign trade (loans, insurance etc.)
  • Development of and participation on international cooperative programmes


  • Collaboration with associations of exporters, sector wide policies and plans, technical assistance and continuous monitoring of new legislation in other countries
  • Creation of a support structure in the destination countries targeted for opportunities, consultancy and after sales service
  • Creation of cooperative agreements with the local production system in order to promote foreign trade (alliances, joint-ventures, consortiums etc.)
  • International mediation involving trade barriers or blocs in foreign markets
  • Preparation and certification of products and / or facilities in order to overcome food safety barriers anywhere in the world