Complying with food legislation is a compulsory prerequisite to be able to market and sell a food product. Innovation, the development of new products, research and food biotechnology must always be accompanied with a correct interpretation of the most up to date legal principles, in order to guarantee the success of the investment undertaken and to avoid surprises regarding the rating of a product or process.

IDEALFOOD offers a comprehensive service specialised in food legislation advice and consulting. This includes:

  • Legislative documentation: search for current legal standards in force and proposed legislation under way.

  • Reports, legal rulings and reports on legal viability.
  • Ongoing legal consultancy regarding simple specific aspects that can be answered within a period of 24 to 72 hours.
  • Paperwork regarding food labelling and information for all written business communication carried out for the food industry. Introduction to voluntary references for nutritional declarations and/or health properties.
  • Food Industry Legal Advice providing legal council during the process of design, R&D, processing, distribution and marketing / sales of the product, participating with multidisciplinary teams as part of the decision making process.
  • Permanent members of the Food Quality and Safety Programme organogram and the Food Industry Crisis Prevention and Management Programme, with the aim of forming part of the key management data and assuming legal responsibility for food industry crisis prevention and management situations, in order to advise the company board of directors of the procedures to be carried out.
  • Administrative and/or legal processes carrying out legal defence for the client and representing their interests in those administrative processes regarding possible breaches of food legislation.