IDEALFOOD does its best to help companies to maximise the efficiency of their resources by offering them:

Business diagnostics:

  • Evaluation of potential improvement in operations management
  • Definition and implementation of actions for improvement and measurement of results
  • Definition of business strategies and the best way of optimizing them through operations

Improvement and innovation in management systems and processes:

  • Reengineering of basic and operating processes
  • Production management: planning, programming and controlling production
  • Introduction of software packages for production management
  • Internal logistics and distribution management
  • Inventory management and warehouse optimisation

Improvement in productivity and competitiveness:

  • Implentation of modern systems of production management (JIT, Lean Manufacturing, organisation of work spaces - 5S)
  • Flexible production projects: measurement and optimisation of activity times, identification of limitations or bottlenecks, balancing of activities, elimination of dead time or reduction in changeover times ( SMED Techniques)
  • Workforce right sizing by human resources in order to optimise services
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)