Sensory analysis studies, assesses and qualifies sensory attributes that can be perceived through the senses, mainly taste and smell and on that basis, establishes quality parameters. With its sensory laboratories, IDEALFOOD offers a comprehensive diagnostic and advisory service. As part of this, it depends on a qualified team of experts and modern facilities in accordance with the UNE EN ISO 8589:2007 standard.

Thanks to the variety of techniques implemented in the analytical laboratories, such as chromatography, molecular biology and spectrophotometry, we can boast a wide catalogue of determinations amongst which can be found: shelf life analysis, product liberation, nutrition labelling, allergen research, challenge tests, pesticide residue detection, fatty acids profile, mycotoxins etc. covering all the needs that the companies may have.

For further information, check our Sensory Analysis Laboratory catalogue.

We guarantee rigour and transparency in our services and projects as a result of our work methods being certified by the following standards: UNE 166.002 (R&D&I Management System), UNE-EN ISO 14.001 (Environmental Management System), y UNE-EN ISO 9.001 (Quality Management System)